Web Page Hosting Terms and Conditions

Galaxy Consulting Services, Inc., herein known as "company" agrees to conduct business with you the customer, herein known as "client" to host a website (a collection of files, interlocked together through links, to allow users of Internet browsers to view the content of the website when published on the World Wide Web).  Company guarantees to host said website at the earliest possible date from when a contract is signed.

FURNISHED BY CLIENT: Client agrees to furnish documents, graphics, and any other material to be included into the website at the time the contract is signed, or as soon as possible thereafter.

WORK START: Work will commence as soon as a format is agreed upon by the company and the client and sufficient materials are provided by the client to enable the hosting to proceed.

WORK COMPLETION: Company and client agree that the completion of the contract occurs when files, data, etc., are accessible to the client through the World Wide Web through a web browser.

INITIAL PAYMENT: If price is $500 or less per year, then client agrees to pay amount in full prior to hosting setup.  If price is more than $500 per year, client agrees to pay company 50% of the total price at the time of the signing of said contract and further agrees to pay the remaining amount upon hosting of the website.  Being that websites are electronic in nature, volatile, flexible, and are often constantly changing, there is no guarantee that hosted website should not need to be changed as technology changes, or links outside the control of the website itself changes.  Such changes does not constitute that the website hosted was not hosted properly.  It is to be taken that the data files delivered to Company is the hosted website and therefore require payment in full upon hosting.

REQUESTED CHANGES: Should changes be introduced during the process of hosting of the website that increases the hosting cost of the said website by $100 or more, then client agrees to pay 50% of the increased cost within 5 business days.  Client further agrees that a delay in paying any additional amount may cause a delay in the hosting of client's website and that such a delay cannot be held against our company, its employees, contractors, or business associates.

Should changes be introduced during the process of hosting of the website that decreases the hosting cost of the said website by $100 or more, then client agrees that it does not get an adjustment in cost until the end of the contract.  Furthermore, client agrees that GCS does not owe client any money until the final product is hosted.  Upon hosting of the website, all adjustments will be made to determine how much, if any, will be returned or credited to the client.

PAYMENT: Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover will be accepted.  The minimum purchase is $100; the maximum is $5,000. A customer's account may contain a maximum of $5,000 credit at any given time.  An unlimited number of purchases can be made.  Customers must include correct information (i.e., address and phone number the credit card bank has on file for the customer) when enrolling for our service.  Incorrect information could cause delays in establishing service or starting or completion of work.  Information received in connection with purchases will be protected in accordance with the privacy policies that can be found on our web site.

We reserve the right to refuse any work at any time.


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