Website Hosting Packages

We can get your website hosted easily, efficiently, and in as short a period as possible.  We will help you with setting up an account and password, and providing you with information so that you can transfer your files (your website) etc., to the hosting service.  Once your website is hosted, any future communication, billing, etc., will fall into our additional services area.  The prices shown are limited to websites we develop as part of our co-operative advertising network.  If you already have a website, you could easily be paying up to 1,000 times these prices.  Get in touch with us, we will save you some money.

Personal or Organization Oriented

Typical use: Package A Package B Package C
Disk Space 20 Meg 10 Meg 5 Meg
Bandwidth 2,000 Mb/month 1,000 Mb/month 500 Mb/month
POP3 e-mail accounts 0 0 0
Oracle Extensions no no no
FrontPage Extensions yes yes no
Statistics Tracking yes no no
Message Board yes* yes* no
Shopping Cart no no no
We do setup yes yes yes
Links Checked yes no no
Credit Card Processing no no no
Setup Charge $20 $20 $20
Price per Year $49 $29 $19
Price per Month $4.95 $2.95 $1.95

Business or Organization Oriented

Typical use: Small Business Business
Disk Space 100 Meg 500 Meg 2500 Meg
Bandwidth 30,000 Mb/month 60,000 Mb/month 100,000 Mb/month
POP3 e-mail accounts 5 20 100
Oracle Extensions no yes yes
FrontPage Extensions yes yes yes
Statistics Tracking yes yes yes
Message Board yes* yes* yes
Shopping Cart no* yes yes
We do setup yes yes yes
Links Checked no yes yes
Credit Card Processing no* yes yes
Setup Charge $25 $35 $55
Price per Year $179.88 ($14.99/mo) $299.88 ($24.99/mo) $479.88 ($39.99/mo)
Price per Month $19.99 $29.99 $49.99


In addition to the selected package, you may wish to add individual components.  Contact us for a specific price.  We will attempt to accommodate your hosting needs.

What you provide

You need to provide us with the files that make up your website if we did not develop the website.  You need to create four (4) original CD masters, all clones.  Each contains all of the files in an operational manner with the main level at the root of the CD.  You will send us two CDs and you keep two CDs.  Store one in a safe place off-site.

If the price is less than $500 per year, we require 100% of the price before starting to set your hosting up.  This usually takes place within a day.  If additional hosting options are added that cause the price to increase more than $500 per year, then 50% will need to be paid before setup and the remaining 50% upon completion of hosting setup.  This usually takes place within a day so splitting the price is optional.  Read the Terms and Conditions for more details.

In order to speed up the process, if your website files are small enough, you could send them via e-mail, while the CDs are in shipment to us.  We will still wait for the final CDs to arrive before signing on delivery to you.

Read: Helpful information on hosting.

Please read the Terms and Conditions, and Disclaimer regarding Web Page hosting issues and prices.  Also read the Host Guarantee.

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