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Whatever your needs are may not be exactly clear initially. Every website has different requirements.  You may need to think about it, then write things down, go over the idea from the start again, and figure out what you missed. You may need to repeat this process several times before you know exactly what your needs are. At some point along the way, you may wish to discuss possibilities and options with us.  After you have a good idea what it is that you need, look at the following charts to get an idea of what fits your needs.    Understand, even though the information is shown as "packages," your needs will probably be slightly different.  Don't worry, this is normal.   Practically everything we do is custom; we can get through it, so don't worry.   Tell us what you have in mind and we can come up with a plan.

We have different ways of pricing out your website, depending on what your needs are.  Whenever we are asked for a price, it is impossible to quote a price without knowing what your specific needs are.  Regardless, people want to know something so our standard answer is: "Your first page is $200, and we throw in 11 common pages free to get you started.  The 11 pages are pages that every website needs such as contact, about, copyright, privacy, terms, disclaimer, etc.  The text content portion is pre-defined except for specifics that are unique to you (or your company), which we need the information from you to fill in.  You can add pages as you like; the price depends on the complexity.  Not every page will be $200 and some can be more than $200 due to extra things needed on the page; some pages could be as low as $1 per page if they are almost identical to a set of pages except for one difference such as a photograph."  For example if you need multiple pages that are teh same except for a photograph, we will create a template that is used for each page, and the unique part (the photograph) will be inserted at the same place on each page.

This information should get you started.

There really isn't any such thing as "typical scenarios" but we do have some examples listed below.

Personal or Organization Oriented

Sample use: Package A Package B Package C
Price $200 $800 $2,000
Pages 2 8 10
Buttons 2 8 10
Backgrounds 2 8 10
Photos/Art 2 8 10
Page Layout
Java lite
Perl Full
Custom e-mail form 1
Message Board x
Shopping Cart 0 0 0

Business or Organization Oriented

Sample use: Small Business Business
Price $2,000 $3,000 $4,000
Pages 10 15 20
Buttons 20 30 50
Backgrounds 10 15 20
Photos/Art 20 30 50
Page Layout X X X
Java Lite Lite Full
Perl Lite Full
Custom e-mail form 1 4
Message Board X
Shopping Cart Simple Detailed

Banner Supported

All prices are based on displaying banners at the bottom of each page of the website.  Prices without banners are double the prices shown.  The banners are used to advertise other websites.  All banners must meet our criteria.


In addition to your web page, you may need individual components.  We have provided a list of individual items with price and description.

If you are going to be selling items on your website, you will need some items that are NOT in the "extras" section. You will need to have a shopping cart, plus you will need to have a way that the money gets transferred to your banking account. You can read more on the e-commerce details.


Keep in mind that if you have multiples of the same thing, we will extend a discount to you.  In addition, if you pre-pay your full website development order, we will extend a 5% discount.  There is no way we can invest the money and make up the 5% difference so this is an incentive for you to save on your overall bill.

What you provide

We need to have an idea of what you expect your website will look like at least in the simplest drawings or sketches.  In addition we need to have an idea of how you think the pages should be organized, what gets "linked" to what.  We can plan your website in a brainstorming session, or given enough information, we can come up with a proposal.

We require a 50% deposit and the remaining  50% upon completion.  If additional items are added that cause the price to increase more than $100, then an additional 50% will need to be paid.  Read the Terms and Conditions for more details.

If you can, you should provide text in electronic form.  The information can be provided in a variety of electronic formats, including e-mail.  If you cannot, we can scan clear (high contrast) typeset or typed documents, and convert it to text.  If the text is not clear, we will need to manually type the text in at an additional fee.  Therefore, it is best to supply text content already typed in (text file).

You need to provide us with any graphic files in digital format or we will need to scan photos (extra charge).

You also need to provide an electronic document describing each photo or text file and where it is to be used.

For all digital content you provide, you need to create four (4) original CD masters, all clones.  Each contains all of the files you provide.  You will send us two CDs and you keep two CDs.  Store one in a safe place off-site.  Even if you send content via e-mail, we still need the CDs for our records.  This is to prevent any problems later on.

For non-electronic items you supply (papers, photos, etc.), there may some that you have only one original.  Unless, it is impossible to copy, you need to make a copy of the original and supply us with the copy only.  We do not wish to be responsible for any one-of-a-kind items.  For photographs, you should create copies from negatives, unless a negative is not available.  In case there is no copy possible, we will scan the original and convert it to a digital form.  For all non-electronic items, you will have items we can keep, and items that are on loan.  Divide these into the two groups and place them in 9x12 manilia folders and identify the envelopes.  Inside each envelope, place a typed page that lists the items the envelope contains.  Number each line.  If a single line cannot describe the item, add additional pages with "full descriptions" and use the same numbers that the "one line" page lists.  For the envelopes that contain "items on loan" copy the list and description pages so that you also have a copy of what was transferred to us.

Please read the Terms and Conditions, and Disclaimer regarding Website Development issues and prices.

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