Additional Website Services

After the website is developed, there are several issues that need to be addressed.

FTP File Transfer:  You will need to have the pages transferred to the server that will host your website.  If your website uses the GCS Framework, we will load your website to the server supporting the GCS Framework. If your website does not use the GCS Framework, then it is a website you created or was transferred to us. We can still get your files to your website or we can provide you with the FTP account for your web services so that you can transfer the pages.

Link Maintenance:  Your website may have links to any page on the entire World Wide Web.  There is never a guarantee that the page you link to on another website will stay there forever.  Whoever owns that page may reorganize their website causing the link to fail.  They may even move the page or entire website to a new location, change the name of the page, change the name of the website, or delete the page altogether.  There is no guarantee that the page will stay there.  With that in mind, someone needs to check your links on a regular basis and correct any broken links.  We can perform this service for you.  Since we created the website, we have all of the information about your links.  You want to correct broken links before users find them.  It is one of the most frustrating things to users about the Internet.  If you do not take care of your website, how can you take care of your customers?

Proofread:   If you do your own file transfers, maintenance, etc., or have anyone perform alternations to your website, we can still proofread your published website to allow the second set of eyes to find any mistakes that are introduced.  Proofreading is included for any pages we create, deliver, or maintain for you.

Webmaster/Website Maintenance:  We can be your webmaster.  The webmaster is not a proofreader, or links maintenance person.  They make changes when directed, such as fix the broken links, upgrade old data, upload new data, graphics, or pages created, or even create new pages.  This is the person that is responsible for your website maintenance, and making sure that it works when published.  This is your website contact to the outside world.  If someone has a problem with your website, rather than have them contact you, and then you contact us, we can set up your website to have the webmaster contact be directed to us.  This will alleviate time delays in getting your website functional again as soon as possible.  The price we charge depends on several things such as the number of pages and the type of content of your website.  Also, if we did not create the original website, there is an initial setup fee to build a local testing copy of your website.

Website Traffic Statistics  We can provide you with website traffic statisics reports on a monthly basis. The price is $20/page/report, pre-paid for the coming year.

Website Uptime Monitoring  We can monitor your website uptime to see when the servers are up or down. Prices are dependent on the frequency of checks, and the number of locations (in the world) that you wish to check the website from.

Backup:  This can be important even if we didn't create your website.  Some hosting companies will perform automatic backups of your website in case of problems within their own organization.  Some of the companies will also perform the same function for you, their client.  The fee varies from free (perk) on up.  If your host does not offer this service, we can create backups on a regular basis for archival purposes.  If we create your website, we automatically archive your website each time we publish it.  Even if we did not create your website, we can archive most websites (some exceptions).  We have several plans for archival.  The data can be stored in-house (least price), in a fire vault in-house, off-site by us, off-site in a fire vault by us, off-site by third party (most expensive).  The price depends on size and archival time. (More info)

On-Site:   If you do any of these tasks in-house, then you may need on-site technical support.  We can help both local and far away.  Local Rates are $120 Monday through Friday, $165 Evenings, Weekends, and Holidays.  National: Local rates plus travel and accommodations (lodging, food, rentals, etc.).

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